Amazon's Alexa and celebrity holistic health coach Koya Webb are making it easy for you to workout

It's officially the third month of the new year and while some of us have not given up on our New Year's resolution to get into shape, many of us, frankly, have. Here is where Amazon's Alexa can help.

If you're a person on the go, it can be tedious to set up your music, videos, and timers for every  single workout move. According to celebrity holistic health coach and yoga instructor, Koya Webb, programming Alexa with these tasks can make it easy for you to squeeze in a quick workout to keep healthy.

“Taking the time to connect with ourselves, before we’re on the go, and do for the world, do for our job, our families, is so, so very important," says Webb. “You just tell Alexa what you want to do."

Especially if you are strapped for time, Webb suggests that setting up a timer for 10 minutes is plenty of time to get a workout in -- no matter if you're at home or the office.

"You can set it up with four or five [yoga] poses and just tell Alexa what to do and she’ll set up your playlist," says the yoga instructor. "So you have the music you want, you have the poses you want."

Some of the moves Webb recommends are: Chair, Child's, Boat and Ragdoll poses for some tension-releasing action.

"It's grounding, it's nurturing," says the yogi. "Especially if you're doing a million things."

Alexa uses voice-control technology so you don't have to keep constantly looking at your phone and getting distracted by other notifications. The device will also allow you to enable different fitness skills so they work together to help you stay on track towards your fitness goals. You can even ask Alexa for healthy meal recipes, class reminders and control your lights around your home for an instant meditation sanctuary. 

Working on our New Year's resolutions round two.

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