Two exclusive NYC hotspots are teaming up to deliver the dining experience of the future

Whether you’re a diehard foodie or a music junkie (or in our case, a little bit of both), it can always be agreed upon that when good food and good music fuse together into one experience, the result is a whole other level of delicious.

Diners in culture hubs and trend-focused cities around the world are no longer satisfied with a simple multi-course meal full of delectable flavors — what they want is an overall dining experience that dazzles, delights and intrigues all of their senses other than just taste.

In New York, this is evident in the appeal of nearly every top-rated restaurant, from 12-course tasting menus that sprinkle in surprise hands-on activities for diners between courses to cocktail and small plates bars complete with menus in the form of old comic books paired with an old-school feel.

The newest collaboration between World of McIntosh and Tokyo Record Bar might just be the next best example of this fusion.

The two companies have announced a new partnership which will allow for McIntosh product integration inside the vinyl-based dining experience at Tokyo Record Bar.

The restaurant will be outfitted with a custom system created by McIntosh, aiding in the venue’s experience which allows each diner or drinker the chance to select one song from a vinyl menu to be played inside the space.

Upon his partnership with Tokyo Record Bar Founder, Ariel Arce, McIntosh Senior Marketing Manager, David Mascioni, said:

“We initially proposed empowering Tokyo Record Bar’s audio experience. Ariel’s team was already equipped with a decent system but knew we could take this to the next level with the finest McIntosh products. This led us to create an audio system that we felt would be perfect for her space. We proposed this to Ariel and then worked together to move forward with the installation.”

One of these products includes the brand’s highly-notable McIntosh MT5 Turntable.

The partnership between the two companies will also include a Tokyo Record Bar pop-up experience inside the World of McIntosh Townhouse (located in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood) where guests will be able to reserve the space for a more exclusive, lofty version of the in-restaurant experience.

As far as the future of food and music go, Mascioni has a pretty solid prediction:

"Investing in equipment also shows an establishment takes music seriously and wants their customers to enjoy the best music pairing and products available, I think we will start to see more high-end audio integrating within the fine dining and drinking space.”

Hopefully the Tokyo Record Bar partnership is only the beginning of curated McIntosh integration within the restaurant scene. 

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