Fox News contributor salaries revealed by Trump staffers

Salary standardization across industries is essentially non-existent, with differentiated earnings per workers with the same title often kept secretive and and ever-changing in today’s corporate world.

One of the biggest industries where salaries remain a mystery is that of big-time news networks, where on-air contributors are paid across a wide range of money that's contingent on the level of demand for their air-time, level of total experience and other contributing factors.

When it comes to Fox News, this seems to be especially prevalent.

But since it’s no surprise that many members of the Trump administration have spent ample time throughout their careers working for the network, we might finally be getting a look at just how much these contributors are (and were) making.

At least 10 members of Trump’s administration have worked for the network in some capacity, mostly as on-air contributors, and only eight were forced to file financial disclosure forms.

The Hollywood Reporter broke down the salaries among all eight staffers, the lowest being a measly one-month stint on Fox News for $4,321 with the highest paid worker earning a whopping $569,423 for his work as a contributor.

Not included on the list are former Fox News contributors Mercedes Schlapp (White House senior adviser for strategic communications) and Ben Carson (Secretary of Housing and Urban Development) as they did not disclose that information on documents filed.

Here’s the full breakdown of how much Trump staffers made during their time at Fox News:

Fox News contributor salaries revealed
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Fox News contributor salaries revealed

John Bolton
National Security Advisor

Fox News job: Ex-contributor
Salary: $569,243

Heather Nauert
Ex-Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs (State)

Fox News job: Ex-anchor
Salary: $485,000

Scott Brown
Ambassador, New Zealand and Samoa

Fox News job: Ex-contributor
Salary: $175,000

Anthony Scaramucci
Ex-White House Communications Director

Fox News job: Ex-contributor
Salary: $88,461

Richard Grenell
Ambassador, Germany

Fox News job: Ex-contributor
Salary: $80,000

Tony Sayegh
Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (Treasury)

Fox News job: Ex-contributor
Salary: $72,851

K.T. McFarland
Ex-Deputy National Security Adviser

Fox News job: Ex-contributor
Salary: $63,518

Sebastian Gorka
Ex-White House Strategic Initiatives Group 

Fox News job: Ex-strategist
Salary: $4,321 (one month)

Georgette Mosbacher
Ambassador, Poland

Fox News job: Ex-contributor
Salary: $31,336


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