This hotel is offering guests access to free classes of the hottest fitness craze

The rising popularity of home rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO in recent years has changed travelers’ expectations and wishlists for what they want out of a place to stay, especially in terms of making their lodging part of their overall experience versus just a place to rest their head at the end of the day. 

One of the areas where this is becoming more pertinent is in the wellness and fitness sphere.

Gone are the days of checking into a hotel and (unsuccessfully) trying to convince yourself to use the the less-than-desirable hotel gym a few floors up — travelers want fitness classes, top-notch equipment and other wellness amenities to be a built-in part of their stay.

And at YOTEL NY, conveniently located right by Times Square, guests will have one of the most sought-after fitness crazes right at their fingertips: Peloton bikes.

Peloton has become an incredibly popular method of indoor cycling, with bikes you can put virtually anywhere inside your home and different membership plans that stream live classes from the New York studio directly to your bike.

Guests at YOTEL NY will have unlimited access to the 11,000+ classes offered through the Peloton bikes stationed in the hotel's gym at any given time, while VIP suite guests will have additional access to the bike placed right in their living room. 

In a city where boutique classes are as sought after as they are expensive, YOTEL guests will have the opportunity to experience the New York-based Peloton studio without ever having to leave their room — or pay the $40 class fee.

Not to mention, the view of Midtown Manhattan from the floor-to-ceiling windows where the bike is conveniently stationed is pretty unbeatable if you ask us.

The hotel also offers Crossfit Spot Rooftop Fitness Classes during warmer months that guests can sign up for and partake in.

The move towards a fitness and wellness focused environment is next step towards innovation at affordable prices for the YOTEL chain, which is known for its self check-in kiosks and robot-automated luggage storage.

Check out the Peloton bikes at YOTEL NY in action below:

YOTEL NY brings Peleton bikes to guests
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YOTEL NY brings Peleton bikes to guests

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