The 11 highest-earning bowlers of all time

Whether you are a casual bowler or part of your community's local league, it's safe to say bowling is a fun, social activity to do with friends and family. 

But, for some, bowling can also bring in a pretty hefty paycheck as well. 

Unlike other pro sports, however, professional bowlers usually pay for their expenses out of pocket -- but for those who place in Professional Bowlers Association tour and other major competitions, the rewards oftentimes make up for those costs.  

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According to Britannica, in 1964 iconic bowler Don Carter was the first athlete to earn a $1 million contract in any professional sport. The bowler, known for his mastery of the right-handed backswing, signed the endorsement deal with bowling ball manufacturer Ebonite International. He eventually retired in 1972 and in 1975 was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame as a charter member. 

Since Cater, bowlers around the world have gone on to make impressive feats in the sport and earn millions. 

Take a look at the richest bowlers in the slideshow below: 

Richest pro bowlers of all time
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Richest pro bowlers of all time

Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Earnings: $4,787,224.00

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Pete Weber

Earnings: $4,023,488.00

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Norm Duke

Earnings: $3,344,193.00

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Parker Bohn III 

Earnings: $3,171,106.00

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Brian Voss

Earnings: $2,563,254.00 

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Amleto Monacelli 

Earnings: $2,463,759.00

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Chris Barnes 

Earnings: $2,425,996.00

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Tom Baker

Earnings: $2,185,865.00 

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Mike Aulby 

Earnings: $2,097,520.00 

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Mika Koivuniemi 

Earnings: $1,934,556.00

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Ryan Shaffer 

Earnings: $1,848,850.00 

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