Olay to premiere its first-ever Super Bowl ad starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar has always been a fearless heroine, and her latest role in Olay's first-ever Super Bowl ad is an action-packed thriller you must see. 

Last month, Olay, an American beauty brand owned by Procter & Gamble, premiered teaser trailers for the ad that will run during the Super Bowl LIII. Appropriately titled "Killer Skin," the commercial brings to life the brand's message that  its 28 day challenge can drastically transform your skin in a humorous and unexpected way via its perfectly-cast woman lead: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

"Anytime you get a phone call that a brand as iconic as Olay wants to work with you, you get really excited," Gellar exclaimed. "It was really exciting. I hung up the phone and I had this moment like “Oh, it’s the Super Bowl, over 100 million people watch it live." Then you start reading all of the articles about Super Bowl commercials and how 50 percent of the audience is female every year, and they have [maybe] 20 percent of ads starring and aimed at women. You realize that you are painting a narrative -- and it’s really exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time." 

With their first ad, Olay hopes its "horror with a comedic twist" will reach the women who have historically been overlooked in traditional Super Bowl advertising.  

The ad, which incorporates some of Gellar's most iconic film scenes, begins with the actress and her male co-star enjoying a night in when they suddenly realize an intruder has broken into their house. While the two are rightfully spooked, it turns out, the unwanted visitor is just there to compliment Gellar on her "Killer Skin." 

"We hope viewers will find [the ad] entertaining. Olay wants all women to be bold and empowered, and in a way, we’re doing just that, as a brand, by showing up in a place that is historically focused on men," Stephanie Robertson, brand director for Olay, told AdWeek.  

Olay will also debut its “Face Anything Fearless” Squad to insert women into the Super Bowl narrative during thei Big Game. Olympian Aly Raisman, model and body positive advocate Hunter McGrady, plus-sized fashion model Denise Bidot, professional ballerina turned Internet personality and gamer Atomic Mari and bloggers Coco Bassey, Nabela Noor, Kiitan and Brooke Hill will all be featured in an intimate roundtable discussion led by NFL Network’s Kay Adams. The talk will focus on highlights of their fearless journeys and pivotal moments in their careers. 

Watch the official commercial below: 

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