This is the number one thing renters want in 2019

With decor and style trends changing season by season, the only safe way to invest in any home item that won’t go out of style the next time the season changes is by buying something timeless and classic.

Most homeowners will take this approach when it comes to making big ticket purchases for their homes, like with electronics or appliances.

But in an ever-changing landscape where new technology is constantly introduced, tried-and-true classics for renters like pre-installed WiFI or automatic garage openers are no longer considered perks but rather necessities.

Regardless of what city renters are looking to rent in, there are two major trends we can expect this year, according to Apartment Guide: an emphasis on security and a desire for more high-tech amenities. 

Thankfully, the two tend to go hand in hand:

“Smart locks, remote access control and built-in charging stations with USB outlets will be on the top of every renter's checklist. These amenities will be as much about personal security as they'll be about convenience.”

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, here are the top pieces of smart technology you’ll want to put in your space:


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