Internet rips into Jeff Bezos' divorce announcement calling it an 'Alexit'

Unless you’ve literally been hiding under an internet-less rock, it’s safe to say you’ve heard the sad news about Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announcing their divorce.

If you’re sad it’s okay, we are too — Alexa, play ‘Someone Like You’!

The Amazon CEO released a text-image statement via Twitter on Wednesday morning to his 732,000 Twitter followers:

Though the message was heartfelt and honest, it didn’t stop most of the internet (predictably) from ripping into both Bezos and Amazon — mainly Bezos’ casual $137 billion net worth.

The joint statement (signed ‘Jeff and MacKenzie’) notes that the former spouses will ‘remain a family’ and that the pair will continue to be ‘partners in ventures and projects’ ahead, it didn’t take long for the Twitter-verse to start commenting on the obvious question on everyone’s mind: How rich is (the-soon-to-be-former) MacKenzie Bezos about to become?

Cracking jokes on everything from the billionaire’s net worth to comparing the marriage to an Amazon Prime subscription to where exactly Bezos is getting his divorce lawyer from, the internet sure delivered on our daily dose of laughs.

Here were the best Twitter reactions to Jeff Bezos’ divorce announcement: 

Twitter reacts to Jeff Bezos divorce announcement
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Twitter reacts to Jeff Bezos divorce announcement
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Jeff Bezos wife is leaving him after finally working out how to unsubscribe from the 30 day free trial of him she signed up to 25 years ago.

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