This zodiac sign produces the most billionaires

Since real-life crystal balls don’t exist, zodiac signs are the next-best option. Believers say the stars can predict everything from our favorite fast-food restaurant to the type of partner we’ll marry. And now, new data suggests they might even be able to predict our chance of becoming a billionaire. Read this type of book if you want to be a self-made millionaire.

If you’re a Leo, consider yourself in luck. Researchers at the UK-based job site Adview found that of all the billionaires on the recently released Fortune 400 list, there were more Leos (July 23 to August 22) than any other sign. Overall, there were 28 billionaire Leos on the list. Taurus came in second, with 24 billionaires, followed by Libra, with 23. Aries came in last, with just 12 billionaires to its name. Here’s the full list:

Leo: 28

Taurus: 24

Libra: 23

Aquarius: 22

Gemini: 21

Virgo: 21

Capricorn: 21

Pisces: 21

Cancer: 20

Sagittarius: 18

Scorpio: 16

Aries: 12 

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Analysts have been tracking the relationship between birth month and success rates for years. Most recently, researchers at the University of Toronto found that babies born in September have the highest chance of feeling confident in themselves and going to college. September babies also had the lowest chance of winding up in prison. Learn the 10 winning attributes of highly successful people.

That’s a bit different than what the billionaire study revealed. September babies are either Virgo or Leo, which ranked six and three on this list of billionaire babies, respectively. We admit, it’s probably not an exact science.

Whether you’re a Leo or an Aries, take matters into your own hands by starting your day with these 10 morning habits of highly successful people.

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