A definitive list of every ridiculous thing Elon Musk tweeted in 2018 that made us say 'Honestly, mood'

Something we can all collectively agree on is the fact that 2018 was just an overall weird year.

For most of us, our missteps and misfortunes are (to an extent) manageable given the fact that everything we do or say isn’t seen by the entire world. 

Sadly, we can’t exactly say the same about Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

2018 was quite the year for the business mogul, stirring controversies left and right all via one beloved social media platform: Twitter.

There was the time he was sued for calling the the British diver who help rescue the group of Thai boys trapped in a cave a ‘pedo’ in a since-deleted tweet back in August -- and then proceeded to Tweet about being sued:

Or the time he found himself in (piping) hot water with the SEC over a tweet inferring that he was taking Tesla private in the infamous #FundingSecured fiasco of of the summer:

But besides finding himself in the middle of legal woes and very public feuds and disputes, Musk also tweeted out a few head-scratching statements in 280 characters or less that seemed to hold little — if any — meaning.

But hey, that’s what Twitter’s for, we guess?

Here are our favorite Twitter #MuskMoments (let’s get it trending) of 2018 that will make you nod and think, ‘Same’:

Elon Musk craziest tweets of 2018
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Elon Musk craziest tweets of 2018
When the zombie apocalypse happens, you’ll be glad you bought a flamethrower. Works against hordes of the undead or your money back!
🖤 trouble
His name is Gary & he’s a snail
Tomorrow brings a lemur https://t.co/rm6S17h35q
What are your fav short shorts?
Nothing is both real & imaginary
Stockholm: it’s not just a syndrome
I hope the kids are ok
Mason jars with a handle or wine stem cause me to lose faith in humanity
I’m killin me lol
It just occurred to me that the plot of Willy Wonka is really messed up
Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon
I have prehensile eyebrows
I just realized there is a jazz hands emoji 🤗
💕🍜 ramen is sooo good🍜 💕
Used to live in Silicon Valley, now I live in Silicone Valley
Remember the future
I remember when I was a sponge. Simpler times they were.
Nothing is both real & imaginary
For those worried about running out of fresh water, it may help to know that desalination only costs 0.1 cents per… https://t.co/a7nPcsLai5
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