Michigan CEO is gifting $4M to employees because 'tis the season after all

The holiday season should be a time of joy and warmth but for many in today’s workforce, the looming notion of layoffs and restructuring in the new year can be distracting and anxiety provoking.

Though holiday bonuses and festivities are still prevalent in many major companies, they’ve become more of a bandaid and a standard than anything else.

But for the 200 employees FloraCraft, the Michigan-based foam creator that’s never had a layoff, owner Lee Schoenherr is helping to make spirits more than bright by doling out nearly $4 million in bonuses.

Ho, ho, ho and a very Merry Christmas indeed!

The average bonus per employee will be around a whopping $20,000 and will be distributed in both forms of cash and a 401(k) contributions.

For some employees, their bonus total will exceed $60,000 — total amounts are decided based on each employees longevity and years of service to the company (some are even fourth-generation!)

Quite the upgrade from years past where FloraCraft employees were treated to holiday hams and gift cards as their end of year bonus!

In a news release, Schoenherr proudly shared:

“This idea has developed over the past year and is my way of saying 'Thank you' to our team for the role they have had in our success. But don't think this means I'm exiting or selling the business - I love what I do and am committed to maintaining the independence of FloraCraft."

So for the real question on everyone’s mind: Is FloraCraft hiring? 

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