Adam Devine talks crashing holiday parties, wearing makeup and not having a filter -- all in a day's work


’Tis the season for getting together with friends and loved ones, filled with merry parties and holiday spirit(s).

Whether you’re throwing back shots or sipping on a spiced cocktail, there’s nothing that evokes a sense of merry-ness (new word, let’s go with it) quite like rum.

This year, rum behemoth Captain Morgan tapped its Chief Party Officer, actor and comedian Adam Devine for another go-around to crash one fan’s holiday party all in the name of a very merry Lit-mas.

Fans were encouraged to tell Devine and Captain Morgan why they had the most ‘holiday cheer’ via Instagram and for one lucky winner on December 15, Devine and the Captain will be crashing their soiree with plenty of booze and holiday gear:

“We did something this summer where I surprised this guy Tyler on his 30th birthday — he was having a 30th birthday party with his friends and I sort of just showed up with Captain Morgan, with a bunch of Captain Morgan and a bunch of Captain Morgan gear and we threw a party for him. It went off without a hitch and he was super surprised and everyone had a blast and I was like ‘I loved doing that that was so fun, surprising someone was a blast.

I think [Captain Morgan] is such a fun brand — when you think of Captain Morgan, you think of a good time. I like parties where people are down to have a good time and people aren’t pretentious and people are just there to have fun. And I think if you’re at a party and Captain Morgan is there, that’s the type of party that I usually want to be at, the type of party that I like. That’s what we’re trying to do — bring people together, have fun and enlighten spirits.”

Enlightening spirits with spirits is something we like to think Devine excels at, and hopefully something he’ll get to do more of this Christmas while entertaining the masses:

“It’s kind of changed the last few years — I had to shoot a movie last year around Christmastime so that was kind of different for me and the year before I tried to get out of town for Christmas. But this is the first year that my family and me and my girlfriend’s family are going to spend a whole week together at my house — we got a Christmas tree and we got stockings with everyone’s name on them so hopefully this is the beginning of a real tradition where we get the family together and have a real Griswold-level Christmas vacation.”

Spending time with family is, of course, very important to Devine. But when it comes to buying them gifts, the real test of Holiday season-level patience comes in:

“My mom is the type of person that’s always like ‘Oh, I don’t want anything, I just want my family to be together and I don’t want anything myself’ and so she’s really hard to shop for because you don’t know what to get her because she doesn’t like things for herself. So normally i’ll just buy stuff for me and go ‘Thanks mom! This is for you, I’m happy now!’ No, not the case but I would say i’m probably the hardest to buy for in my family just because no one wants to get me anything, basically.”

But if you had to get Devine anything, you could easily bank on something involving food or travel, two things he got to experience in delightful excess on his latest comedy tour:

“It’s so fun, I love just getting out there and meeting fans and making new friends in different cities and having different experiences in those cities and just eating and drinking like a pig. I feel like every time i end a tour, my head is 15 pounds fatter from all the food that I’ve partaken in — if you’re in a city you have to get what they’re known for. I was in Philly for, like, 48 hours and I ate, like, four cheesesteaks, what a monster!

They were all cities that I haven’t been to before, so they were kind of like the last batch of cities that I haven’t been to so it was fun, [places] that I’ve been meaning to go to for a long time like Dallas, Philly, Michigan, I went to Milwaukee which was super fun — like a bunch of cities that were on the list that I hadn’t been able to make and then I was finally able to get there, which felt really good to finally make it there. It really was a culmination of doing all these shows and then doing the special in Omaha where I’m from and then having that culminate there in my hometown."

This tour marked the first time Devine has filmed a Netflix special based around his tour, though it didn’t change the type of content he performed or planning process behind the show:

“I’m kind of the same no matter what I do — I have a hard time putting a filter on what I say or do … I feel like more people should be that way — it’s a more fun world if we all just say what we want to say when we want to say it. The only thing that I did differently was that I wore makeup for the special which they told me I had to. They’re like ‘You’re too ugly to do this without makeup, so you have to wear the makeup’ and when I’m in Milwaukee (I’ll say it!) I go makeup free!”

Makeup or au natural, there’s one person who loves Devine just the way he is — ‘Pitch Perfect’ co-star Rebel Wilson, who Devine filmed the upcoming romantic comedy ‘Isn’t It Romantic?’ with this year:

“We’re baaaaaaaaaaack!”*

*(11 'A's were used in the spelling of ‘back’ per Devine’s astute suggestion.)

“[Rebel’s] awesome and we’ve worked together so much now that I feel like she’s my work wife and we really love each other and love working with each other. I joke about this with Rebel [Wilson] and Anna Kendrick, because we’ve just done so many movies together at this point, that I hope that we’re all, like, 60 years old and only really do movies with each other.”

If you were curious about the movie’s title and what direction the film would be going in, Devine answered the question that’s had us all on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the movie's release:

“I’ll let you in on a secret … it is. It is romantic. That’s going to be the sequel, ‘It is!’”

The movie, which is set to release in February 2019, had Devine shooting in New York City’s most sought-after and adored locations:

“It was so fun shooting [the movie] because we shot it in New York City and it’s kind of a romantic comedy that turns the romantic comedy on its head. The premise is Rebel [Wilson]’s character hates romantic comedies, she gets mugged and when she wake up she’s stuck in a romantic comedy. So we were able to shoot at all of the iconic New York locations —Washington Square Park, Central Park, the Bethesda Fountain — all of these beautiful places that they tend to shoot in [in] every romantic comedy and we were able to do absolutely every one of them because that’s what this movie was about. So that was just fun as an actor to be in New York and to be in the center of everything and to get to shoot this big beautiful movie right in the heart of the city.”

But as charming (in its own disgusting yet beautiful way) as New York is, it’s own little city in the South that stole Devine’s heart tis year:

“Charleston, South Carolina is where we started this leg of the tour and man, what a beautiful city that is! They call it ‘The Holy City’ and there’s just like a million churches there and it’s so cute and the people there are so nice. I’m not from the south so hearing the sweet southern accent just makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

I’m doing an HBO show called ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ with Danny McBide and John Goodman that I’m really excited about and that actually shoots in Charleston so I’ll get to spend a lot of time in one of my new favorite cities, so I’m really excited to get back down there. And I just signed on to do another movie called “LEXI” that was written by John Lucas and Scott Warren who wrote ‘The Hangover’ and wrote and reacted “Bad Moms’ and I’m doing their next movie.”

And while some would call this time of year ‘warm’ and ‘fuzzy,’ Devine’s got a better idea to describe that way we all feel around the holidays:

“I go gooey … 2019 is the year of the goo.”

Year of the Goo, here we come!