Walmart's newest in-store technology will give customers access to millions of more items than before


Part of the allure of online shopping is not having seemingly infinite choices and infinite quantities of whatever it is you want.

You don’t have to worry about the store location you’re headed to running out of stock or the specific color, size or iteration of whatever item you’re hoping to purchase.

Walmart’s newest technology has found a way to fuse the in-store shopping experience with an e-commerce-level selection by introducing the DotCome Store App to nearly all 4,700 Walmart locations.

Here’s how it works — in-store shoppers can locate a Walmart associate if they cannot find the color, size or brand of a specific item they may need in that specific store.

Associates will then cross-check via the DotCom Store App to see what selection is available online and print either a ticket or an email/text with a unique barcode that the customer will then take to the register to have scanned before paying.

Items purchased through the DotCom Store App while in-store can be delivered to the customer’s home or delivered for free to their local Walmart location.

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