Boy or girl Toy? Michigan lawmakers push to eliminate gender specific toys in fast-food kids meals


Some State Lawmakers are pushing to end gender classification of fast-food toys.

ABC News reports, the Michigan House of Representatives introduced a resolution recently, urging fast-food establishments and companies to stop gender classified boy and girl kid’s meal toys.

The resolution states girl toys are usually brightly colored stuffed animals and boy toys are more likely primary colored action figures or building toys, that could have adverse psychological effects on children.

One of the studies the resolution cited was a 2016 study done by researchers at Monmouth University that concluded a child’s development could be affected due to gendered label toys by creating barriers that children can’t fully explore and play.

Instead of employees asking parents whether the child wants a boy or girl toy, the resolution wants employees to ask based on the type of toy; “Would you like a Transformer or a My Little Pony?’’ the resolution said.

According to USA Today, the resolution has been sent to House's Committee on Commerce and Trade as well for copies to be sent to the CEO’s of major fast food companies in Michigan.

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