This was the top-selling item online in 33 states at Walmart this Thanksgiving weekend


Shopping during Thanksgiving weekend pretty much guarantees the best bargains of the year, thanks to big-name holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s become even easier to cash in on those deals now that most stores offer the same discounts online as they do in-store.

It’s no surprise that Walmart has become a go-to for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, as the retailer is already known for its low prices and rollback promotions.

And though the must-haves on a shopping list for someone living in the northeast will vastly differ from someone living in the southwest, Walmart found that there was, in fact, one item that united shoppers in a whopping 33 states as the most-purchased item on the site during Thanksgiving weekend.

Attribute it to the weekend essentially revolving around food, but this one item seemed to be on everyone’s list across the nation.

Were you one of the millions of purchasers? Here are the top items sold in each state on this Thanksgiving weekend: