Anne Hathaway loses on off-market sale of Connecticut colonial

Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway has quietly sold her 1920s Colonial residence about an hour outside of Manhattan in the wealthy seaside community of Westport, Conn., in what appears to have been an off market deal valued at $2.7 million. Not counting carrying costs, improvement expenses and real estate fees, the sale price represents a $90,000 loss on the $2.79 million the “Les Misérables” star and husband Adam Shulman paid for the property just over two years ago. Comfortably casual but pristinely maintained, the property was not listed on the open market so current details are slim. Tax records and other resources, however, indicate the almost one-acre spread, known as CompoBello, is secreted away at the end of a long, gated driveway with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms in close to 4,600-square-feet.

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Income needed for 10% down: $54,975

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Income needed for 10% down: $55,067

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Income needed for 20% down: $49,844

Income needed for 10% down: $56,074

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18. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

Income needed for 20% down: $53,322

Income needed for 10% down: $59,988

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17. Chicago, Illinois

Income needed for 20% down: $53,973

Income needed for 10% down: $60,720

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Income needed for 10% down: $60,880

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14. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

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Income needed for 10% down: $81,250

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Income needed for 10% down: $82,967

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Income needed for 10% down: $75,274

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Income needed for 10% down: $97,500

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6. Denver, Colorado

Income needed for 20% down: $91,570

Income needed for 10% down: $103,016

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5. Boston, Massachusetts

Income needed for 20% down: $99,972

Income needed for 10% down: $112,468

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Income needed for 10% down: $115,078

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3. Los Angeles, California

Income needed for 20% down: $127,945

Income needed for 10% down: $143,938

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2. San Diego, California

Income needed for 20% down: $132,238

Income needed for 10% down: $148,768

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1. San Francisco, California

Income needed for 20% down: $201,205

Income needed for 10% down: $226,356

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At the time of the photogenic, famously elusive couple’s purchase, the main residence included a wood-floored center hall entry, a formal living room with coffered ceiling and a spacious dining room with rustic stone fireplace and vaulted, skylight-topped ceiling. The kitchen was fitted with elegant black marble countertops and opened to a charming breakfast bay and family room lined with French doors. While it’s quite possible the couple made any number of small and significant changes, at the time of their purchase there was an attached guesthouse complete with a high-end kitchen while second floor guest and family bedrooms included a roomy master suite with a wardrobe-lined dressing hall, an updated vintage-style bathroom and a huge roof deck with wrap-around views. The back of the house is surrounded by several serene terraces, one with an outdoor kitchen and grilling station, along with a lush sweep of lawn bordered by manicured gardens. A charming gate in a tall and thick privet hedge leads to a heated saltwater swimming pool and spa and a barn-like poolside structure that provides more than 1,500-square-feet of additional, unspecified living space.

There are unsubstantiated rumors floating around that Shulman and Hathaway, currently with a handful of high-profile projects in play including the Amazon series “Modern Love” and “The Hustle,” a feature-length remake of the 1988 comedy “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” have decamped CampoBello for a larger, waterfront home in the area and the busy-as-beavers couple also maintain homes in Los Angeles, where the “Ocean’s 8” star has owned a not quite 2,900-square-foot contemporary squirreled down a long driveway above Laurel Canyon since 2009 when she snatched it up for $2.2 million, and New York City, where in early 2016 they splashed out $2.55 million for an approximately 1,200-square-foot, two-bedroom and two-bathroom terraced penthouse atop an opulently embellished early 20th-century Neo-Georgian mansion just steps from Central Park on the Upper West Side.

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