This website will send you to the most remote island in the entire world for free

Our daydreams can often take us to far away lands and uncharted territories where we’re so far away from all that we know and see on a day-to-day basis; places where we cannot answer our work emails because there’s no WiFI, can’t pick up the phone because there’s no service and can’t be bothered by any nagging obligations or everyday stress.

Sometimes, in fact, we wish we could just go to the most remote part of the world that exists in order to disconnect and get away.

Imagine if someone offered you that chance for free and all you had to do was click a button?

Looks like that will be the reality for 217 adventure-seekers set to jet to Greenland’s most remote town, Ittoqqortoormiit in the month of March 2019 — and you can easily become one of them.

For starters, being able to pronounce Ittoqqortoormiit is not a requirement so you can let that worry slide off of your (soon to be snow-covered) back. is offering a free (literally, there’s no catch) trip for travelers headed to Ittoqqortoormiit — all you have to do is sign up on the site using the code ‘REMOTE’ to redeem the offer. 

Guests will be put up in the Ittoqqortoormiit Guesthouse, the only hotel in the entire town which boasts a population of 450 people (this number doesn’t include the roaming Polar Bears and other wildlife, of course.)

Guests will get to experience the Northern Lights at their doorstep (casual) and an arctic wonderland that is rarely experienced by anyone other than the villagers themselves — talk about crushing your Instagram game!

We would tell you to pack lightly but you’re probably going to need layers on layers, seeing as spring temperatures on Ittoqqortoormiit range from negative 20 degrees celsius to zero.

Getting to Ittoqqortoormiit, however, presents a bit of a challenge — you’ll need to fly into Reykjavik to begin, take two more planes (Reykjavik to Akureyri, Akureyri to Constable Point) followed by a helicopter (Constable Point to Ittoqqortoormiit) and an ATV ride that will get you to your accommodations

Visitors will only have to pay for 1 percent of the room rate (plus taxes and charges the may apply) and for their transportation to and from Ittoqqortoormiit. 

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