Stella Artois releases robot bartender that will serve your guests and then clean it all up this holiday season

The start of the holiday season means inevitably having (or at least feeling the pressure) to host at least one soirée or gathering at your home.

If you’re not the party-throwing type, the concept of serving, catering to your guests and then subsequently having to clean it all up can seem overwhelming and frustrating, especially when you’re expected to keep it together in the name of holiday cheer (nobody likes a Scrooge!)

Cleaning up after guests has been made easier in recent years thanks to the popularity of Roombas and other robotic vacuums that get the job done with minimal exertion of effort on our ends, but we still seem to be years away from robots that will actually simultaneously play the roles of both server and cleaner.

But it looks like Christmas just came early to those of us looking to festively cut corners through the rest of the year, thanks to Stella Artois' new friend B.A.R.T.

B.A.R.T. (which cleverly stands for Bartending Automated Robotic Technology), is an attachment that can be installed onto the top of any robot vacuum that boasts a custom tray (designed to hold up to four bottles of Stella Artois and Stella Artois Chalices), no-spill cupholders and a snack bowl to fill with your favorite Santa-approved snacks.

Watch below to see B.A.R.T. in action:

You can purchase your own B.A.R.T. here, but the vacuum, of course, is sold separately. 

But don't fret -- we’ve rounded up our top fave vacuum options of the season for you so you can make all your robot bartending dreams come to life faster than Santa comes down the chimney. 

Get shopping, get festive and get your B.A.R.T-y on!


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