Hyatt Centric is teaming up with Sofar Sounds and Spotify to throw surprise concerts around the world

Most of what makes our favorite trips as memorable as they are has little to do with the itineraries we plan to follow or the accommodations we’re provided, but rather by the experiences we have that arise as a combination of the two.

Known for its ability to create properties that are characterized by complete cultural immersion and discovery, Hyatt Centric is embarking on its next mission in offering guests the best-possible immersive experience delivered right to their hotel-room door — and this time, it's through music.

Hyatt Centric’s newest venture involves a collaboration with Sofar Sounds, a company that has made waves (both musically and metaphorically) by organizing secret concerts around the world where guests only learn who performer is once they get to the show (other details, like location and time, are only released the day before.)

Eight of these secret shows, known for their intimacy and careful-curation, will now be coming to select Hyatt Centric locations globally through the end of 2018.

The concerts will showcase emerging and local talent specific to each Hyatt Centric location and hotel guests and non-guests alike will have the ability to attend

The series kicked off on November 8 at the Hyatt Centric Times Square New York with a performance by Lennon Stella.

Want to know where the next popup is headed? Here are the Hyatt Centric locations where the Sofar shows will play:

Hyatt Centric and Sofar Sounds surprise concert locations
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Hyatt Centric and Sofar Sounds surprise concert locations
Hyatt Centric Times Square New York
Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago
Hyatt Centric Magnificent Mile Chicago
Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid
Hyatt Centric Montevideo in Uruguay

This new partnership ties into Hyatt Centric’s mission (and exemplary execution thereof) to truly cater to the millennial-minded customer. 

For millennials, the ability to customize one's musical selection and experience has become second-nature in the age of digital streaming and playlist-building.

But now, platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have begun to do the guesswork in discovering new music, with suggested suggested songs, playlists and artists available at any given moment -- all the you have to do is give a thumbs up or down in response to the platform's suggestion.

Sofar Sounds combines this mindset with another millennial-minded interest -- supporting local and emerging artists in a live setting.

By teaming up with Sofar, Hyatt Centric continues to establish its reputation as the go-to for that action-focused, millennial-minded customer -- a place located in the center of the action in whatever city that respective property is located.

And in the case of the Sofar shows, the Hyatt Centric properties themselves are the physical location where that action is taking place.

Alongside its Sofar partnership, Hyatt Centric has also collaborated with Spotify to curate 21 original playlists based on Hyatt Centric locations around the world.

Each playlist was put together by combining Spotify’s ‘local streaming intelligence’ with a list of Sofar Sounds ‘alumni’ and other emerging artists in each location.

All playlists can be accessed by searching ‘Hyatt Centric’ into the Spotify app.

The playlists give guests the chance to experience the local music scene before they even check in on-location, and for Hyatt Centric, it’s just another way to make sure customers are being sold a complete experience and not simply a hotel room. 

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