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Update: Chipotle manager fired for refusing to serve a group of black customers has been offered her job back

Update: Chipotle has offered Moran her job back after a review. “While our normal protocol was not followed serving these customers, we publicly apologize to our manager for being put in this position,” Laurie Schalow, Chipotle’s chief communications officer, said in a statement Monday. “We will work to continue to ensure that we support a respectful workplace for our employees and our customers alike.”

The statement continued, “Our policy is to treat our customers and employees fairly and with respect at all times and under any circumstances. We will work with all our restaurant teams to ensure they are prepared to handle situations of this kind and know they have our full support. We are committed to doing the right thing and acting in a manner consistent with a thoughtful, fact-driven approach.”

Moran has not yet revealed whether or not she will be returning.


A Chipotle manager was fired from a Saint Paul, Minnesota branch after a video of her refusing to serve black customers went viral. But social media users pointed to old tweets from the man who posted the video that suggested he had a history of dining and dashing.

In the video, posted to Twitter last week, the white manager is seen laughing and telling the group of men, “You gotta pay cause you never have money when you come in here.”

A Chipotle manager was fired for refusing to serve a group of black men. (Photo: Twitter/@masudalii)
A Chipotle manager was fired for refusing to serve a group of black men. (Photo: Twitter/@masudalii)

As one of the men is filming, a white customer was allegedly given their meal for free, according to the mens’ commentary.

So when a WHITE woman walks in you change your policy of ‘show us income before you get served’ ?????” Masud Ali tweeted.

The day after the video went up, Chipotle said on Twitter that the manager had been fired because “this is not how we treat out customers.” The company added that everyone at that branch would be retrained “to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

But when people on Twitter shared screenshots of posts by Ali in which he talks about dining and dashing from Chipotle (that have reportedly been deleted), outrage ensued.

“They got that woman fired out of a job because they wanted to lie for retweets. i am livid,” one person tweeted in response.

A GoFundMe set up for the manager, Dominique Moran, said she didn’t deserve to be fired and asked for money to help her get through the holidays. A Change.org petition with more than 1,000 signatures also called for her to get her job back.

“Myself and any of Dom’s friends and loved ones know that she loved her job, loves people and did not deserve the unfortunate chain of events that occurred this week,” the fundraising page read. “I don’t feel she deserves to be without pay for protecting her team and I want to fight for her.” Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Dominique for further comment.

Chipotle said in an initial statement provided to Yahoo Lifestyle that the manager thought the men in the video were the same customers from Tuesday night who weren’t able to pay for their meal. “Regardless, this is not how we treat our customers,” the statement read.

A second statement issued on Sunday explained that Chipotle’s actions were “based on the facts known to us immediately after the incident, including video footage, social media posts and conversations with the customer, manager, and our employees.” The company added that it now has “additional information which needs to be investigated further” and Dominique will be re-hired “if the facts warrant it.”

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