KFC just launched a new product in a way that will leave its competitors with their mouths open

Getting people excited is a difficult thing these days.

We have so many choices.

We have no idea which choices are embedded with simple notions such as truth and joy and which choices are riven with disappointment and despair.

And I'm not specifically referring to voting here.

When KFC considered the ways it might try to excite potential customers about its latest offering, I feel sure its clever brains were active well into many nights.

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What they came up with is a cultural expression that few fast food chains can have matched for a very long time.

After all, KFC is trying here to make its Fried Chicken and Waffles stand out from all the other fast and furious enticements that abound.

So it persuaded the Colonel himself -- played in this instance by Craig Fleming -- to perform one of America's most revered folk dances -- the Time of My Life dance from Dirty Dancing.

His partner? A bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup.

You might think this might not work as a performance. Please, then, watch this.

You see, not only is this bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup larger than life.

It's larger that Colonel Sanders.

And the minute she stretches out her arms like Jennifer Grey in the original, who isn't sold?

Who isn't moved to paroxysms of wonder on witnessing something they never thought was possible?

Finally, we see a side of Mrs. Butterworth that we never thought we'd see.

Normally, her arms are demurely clasped in front of her. Now, she soars.

Will anyone be able to resist?

I very much doubt it.