The 20 US cities where shoppers save the most money

  • Being a savvy shopper takes some serious skill and strategy.

  • recently revealed the most frugal cities in the US based on how much each city's shoppers clip coupons.

  • While shoppers were smart about saving money across the country, the majority of the top 20 frugal cities were in the South.

It takes some serious skill to be a savvy shopper.

From shopping sales to clipping coupons, it's all about the strategy when it comes to pinching pennies. And apparently, some cities are home to people that are more skilled at it than others. revealed the most frugal cities in the US for 2018, based on its Savings Index, which tracks digital coupons selected to be printed from its website and partner sites, normalized per person for metro areas with populations of at least 1.5 million.

To determine the list, they ranked the cities by how much shoppers clip coupons beyond the average. For example, shoppers in Philadelphia clipped 1.9 times more coupons than the national average.

Shoppers across the country were smart about saving money, but the majority of the top 20 most frugal cities are located in the South.

Below, see the top cities where shoppers clipped at least 1.1 times more coupons than the average. We have ranked the cities based on the average savings per couponer, from lowest to highest.

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