Cardi B inks new deal with Reebok

Cardi B, the 'Queen of Rap,' just added another money move to her already impressive resume: a budding partnership with Reebok. 

The footwear and apparel company announced on Monday that the rapper will be the new face of the company following in the footsteps of fellow A-listers Missy Elliot, Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid. As part of her deal, the retailer described Cardi will support some of Reebok's in-line apparel and footwear, specifically the Aztrek sneaker. 

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"Everything that you love about Cardi is what you love about Reebok. Reebok has a longstanding legacy of nonconformity, whether it’s creating the first workout shoe exclusively for women or putting bold-faced expletives and fresh-faced hip hop stars in its big ad campaigns in the early ‘00s," a Reebok rep explained. 

This decades in the making 'dream collab' comes just weeks after the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj feud exploded on Twitter. The rival rappers' back-and-forth on social media resulted in Cardi 'showing receipts' of all the major fashion collaborations she's been offered in the past including her current Fashion Nova and Steve Madden partnerships.

No further details have been given on deal, but you can check out the available items for purchase here

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