One of the most iconic teen clothing companies from the '90s is being brought back from the dead after filing for bankruptcy 4 years ago

  • Delia's, the teen fashion brand that exploded in popularity in the 1990s but then fell of the scene and eventually filed for bankruptcy in 2014, is being relaunched by Dolls Kill.
  • Dolls Kill, another teen fashion brand, has bought the rights to the Delia's name and is rolling out a new collection of clothing inspired by the original Delia's catalogs from the '90s.
  • The 70-piece collection launches on Friday.

1990s fashion is back in vogue, which means that some of the decade's most popular brands are having their moment in the spotlight once more. 

Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Levi's have all benefited from a '90s comeback and have capitalized on the trend by relaunching archive collections. But perhaps more dramatically, some of the best-known brands of that era are being resurrected from the dead.

Delia's is one of them.

In its heyday, Delia's was a wildly popular teen fashion brand best known for its catalog. However, after expanding rapidly and opening stores throughout the '90s, its growth came to a halt at the turn of the decade, when popular fast-fashion brands such as Forever 21 and H&M started to take market share. Sales slipped, and in 2014, the chain filed for bankruptcy.

Now, Delia's is being bought back to life by Dolls Kill, another teen brand that operates online and in two stores. 

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Iconic '90s clothing brand is making a comeback
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Iconic '90s clothing brand is making a comeback

Dolls Kill is relaunching the Delia's brand on November 2 on its website and in its two stores in California.

courtesy of Dolls Kill

The first collection features 70 different pieces of clothing and accessories.

courtesy of Dolls Kill

It has been produced by Dolls Kill, which bought the licensing rights to Delia's.

courtesy of Dolls Kill

Each piece is a nod to the '90s look and the original Delia's catalog, Madelyn Wicks, an associate buyer at Dolls Kill, told Business Insider.

courtesy of Dolls Kill

In fact, some items are more or less identical.

courtesy of Dolls Kill

"We don't see that '90s aesthetic going anywhere," Wicks said. "It made sense to bring it back."

courtesy of Dolls Kill

There's a limited amount of stock ...

courtesy of Dolls Kill

... and once it sells out, that's it.

courtesy of Dolls Kill

“Dolls Kill has taken everything we loved about dELiA*s — the quirky fabrics and patterns, the unapologetic attitude — and designed an evocative new collection for the modern dELiA*s customer," Betsy McLaughlin, a Dolls Kill board member, said in a statement to the press.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

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