19 things you shouldn’t buy at a warehouse store

Look. I like warehouse clubs as much as the next guy standing in line for the jumbo hot dog at Costco. But let’s be real. There are things you may never want to buy from these stores.

You’ll want to avoid some items because they’re really not that great a deal. For other items, the bulk size makes them impractical for the average family. No reason to buy something you can’t use before it goes bad.

Without further ado, here are 19 things we think you should consider skipping the next time you shop at your favorite warehouse store.

Items you should never buy at a warehouse store
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Items you should never buy at a warehouse store

1. Spices

Let’s start with some of the items you can’t possibly use up before they go bad. At the top of the list are jumbo-size containers of single spices like cinnamon, saffron and oregano. Price-wise, they look like a fantastic deal when compared with the small containers in the supermarket. But unless you’re feeding an army, you’re not going to use up those spices before experts say they lose their flavor.

2. Flour

Time for true confessions. I have a partially-used 25-pound bag of flour on my bottom pantry shelf. I can’t remember when I bought it, and I’m slightly scared to open it now. I thought I baked a lot. I was wrong. The giant bag of flour feels like a great deal at a warehouse club until you’ve been storing it for a year and then find pantry moths inside.

3. Minced garlic

While we’re discussing my warehouse mistakes, let’s add that you shouldn’t buy that big jar of fresh minced garlic. I cook for a family of seven and use garlic in the majority of my meals. I still didn’t put a dent in emptying this jar before it went bad on me.

4. Nuts

You can probably make it through a bulk bag of snacking nuts before they go bad, but nuts for baking are another story. Before you end up with rancid ingredients, consider whether you’re better off buying from the supermarket just what you need for the recipe.

5. Produce

Produce, especially organic produce, is a deal at warehouse stores. I know some people who have warehouse memberships just for the great prices on produce. They are the type of people who get their five servings of fruit and veggies every day. But do be honest with yourself. If you tend to eat one apple a week, skip the warehouse produce section. Otherwise, you’ll be filling your fridge with food that you’ll be throwing out in a week.

6. Cereal

You can find some good deals on cereal at warehouse clubs, but this is not a slam dunk. Before you buy, ask yourself if your kids won’t get sick of weeks upon weeks of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast. Even if your family loves the brand, you might be able to find a better deal combining coupons and sales at the grocery store.

7. Milk

Milk isn’t a bad deal at warehouse stores, but there’s no reason to make a special trip for it either. Fat-free milk can be cheaper at the warehouse store, but a gallon of whole milk at Costco is roughly the same price as a gallon of milk at my grocery store. The grocery store will put it on sale occasionally too.

8. Bread

Bread is another item that isn’t necessarily a bad deal at the warehouse club. However, you’ll probably get so much that you’ll have to freeze some of it to prevent it from going bad. And if you’re going to freeze bread, you might as well as see if you have a bakery outlet nearby where you can get bread products for an even lower price.

9. Canned goods

There’s no reason to stock up on bulk canned goods at a warehouse club when you can find them on sale for comparable prices at the supermarket. Tip: February is Canned Food Month, so that’s a good time to watch for deals at your favorite store.

10. Soda

Soda — or pop, as we like to call it here in Michigan — isn’t really that good of a deal at a warehouse club. It goes on sale at the supermarket so often that you can stock up at a better price there. Watch for the best deals around holidays like Memorial Day and big game days like the Super Bowl.

11. Sunscreen

Each summer, warehouse clubs put out multipacks of sunscreen and sell them at a discount. If your family spends longs days at the pool or beach, these can be a good deal. If you only occasionally go out in the sun or fail to apply sunscreen every time you go outside, as experts recommend, you might not get through all the bottles before they expire. The Federal Drug Administration requires sunscreen formulas to retain their original strength for three years, but leaving a bottle out in the sun can cause it to degrade more quickly.

12. Lotion

A little bit of lotion often goes a long way. Before buying a big container of it — or any skin care product for that matter — think about whether you’ll go through it before it expires or becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

13. Books

Many of the items on this list aren’t good buys because they’ll go bad before you get your money’s worth. Books are a different story. You should skip books at the warehouse store because you can probably find them cheaper at Amazon. Better yet, don’t buy books at all — borrow them for free from the library instead.

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14. Movies

Like books, you’ll find Blu-rays cheaper online, usually on Amazon. Today’s streaming services mean you may not want to clutter up your home with discs. You could get your movies online instead. Or there’s always the library for free rentals.

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15. Stamps

You can buy 100 stamps at a warehouse store for what is essentially face value, but why bother? Given our collective love of online billing, emails and social media, most people won’t send that much mail in a year. Even if you need bulk stamps for holiday cards or another purpose, your only option at the warehouse is usually the basic flag design. Wouldn’t you rather get some fun or festive stamps from the post office for the same price?

16. Diapers and wipes

We have fortunately passed the diapers stage of life in my house. However, the word on the street is that warehouse clubs are not the place to go for diapers and wipes. Instead, look for the best deals using the Subscribe and Save feature on Amazon.

17. Printer ink

Printer ink is another so-so purchase at the warehouse clubs. The prices aren’t bad, but you could do better. My favorite place to buy ink is Staples, which has a rewards program that lets you earn rewards for your purchase as well additional rewards for recycling used cartridges. You can also buy “remanufactured” ink cartridges from a number of retailers. These are cheaper, but the quality may not be the same as a new, brand-name cartridge.

18. Electronics

Depending on whom you ask, electronics are either best buys or awful deals at warehouse stores. Those who argue against buying laptops and televisions at these stores say you’ll find a bigger selection and better prices at places like Best BuyWalmart and Amazon. Regardless of where you shop, wait for Black Friday, when electronics are often deeply discounted as doorbusters.

19. Upgraded membership

For an additional $55 to $65 per year, membership clubs will give you an upgraded membership that comes with extra perks, most notably cash back or similar rewards on your purchases. If you’re a warehouse store super shopper, it might make sense to get the upgraded membership. For everyone else, you may be paying more than you reap in benefits.

What products do you think shoppers should avoid at warehouse stores? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.


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