What It’s Worth: $250,000


Whether you’re in the biggest city or smallest suburban town, every map dot in America has something unique to offer.

But one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing where to live or relocate to is often cost of living in that area. To say that cost of living varies across the country would be a massive understatement — oftentimes an entirely new and different lifestyle can become available to homeowners and renters just by uprooting and relocating.

In AOL Finance’s newest series, ‘What It’s Worth’, we break down what kind of homes you can get for various price points throughout the country. While $300,000 will get you a two-bedroom condo in Philadelphia, in Manhattan that equates to a studio apartment. Meanwhile, in Texas that money will get you a spacious 5-bedroom home complete with a swimming pool.

In this episode of ‘What It’s Worth’, we’re taking a $250,000 budget and testing it out in four different cities across the U.S. -- this time, in New York, Oregon, Texas and California.

Though a quarter of a million bucks won't buy you much in pricy, populated New York, the same check can get you mind-blowing property down south.

Think you know which state will offer the most bang for your $250,000 buck?

Watch the video above to see what $250,000 will get you in these four major cities.