Profession to Passion: How one lawyer left a corporate firm to start baking pies


Most people just imagine their dream job from time to time -- but some are willing to risk it all to pursue their dreams.

In the newest episode of AOL's Profession to Passion you'll explore the unconventional careers of the few who have said goodbye to their traditional nine to fives to pursue their passions.

Brianna Abrams went from corporate attorney to running a pie shop. Inspired by her grandmother's baking, Abrams' love for pies followed her into adulthood. She would regularly make pies and give them to friends and family.

She was on the fast-track at her law firm, but baking turned out to be more than a hobby. Abrams decided to trade in her law books for recipes, and soon thereafter opened up "Winston Pies" in Los Angeles.

"To leave [the law firm] behind and to go into something more unknown -- something without a straight path -- was a little nervewracking for me," Abrams told AOL. But added that she's glad she took the leap and she has never felt more fulfilled.

Learn more about how Abrams made the change from lawyer to baker in the episode above of "Profession to Passion!"