FedEx announces it is cutting its NRA discount program citing decline in business


FedEx confirmed to Reuters' Breakingviews on Tuesday that it is ending a program that offers discounts for business members of the National Rifle Association

The news comes days after the tragic mass shooting in a Pittsburgh, PA, Synagogue which killed 11 and injured seven. Though FedEx announced that the decision to retire the program was not a direct result of the incident rather "the NRA just didn’t bring in enough business to merit its own deal."

As gun control rises as one of the most controversial issues in America, many residents have begun pressuring major corporations to sever ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

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As a result, in February, widespread anti-NRA protests across the country were carried out with an objective to encourage consumers to boycott businesses affiliated with the organization. For many brands, the influx of protests and social media campaigns rallying to boycott was enough to announce an official cutting of ties, but companies such as FedEx stood by the gun-rights lobby group throughout the contentious time.

Eight months after the U.S.-based shipping company announced it would continue its relationship with the organization, however, FedEx made the shocking announcement.

The NRA is one of more than 100 organizations affected by the discount program’s cessation. FedEx will officially close out the program November, 4.