Nike’s Colin Kaepernick t-shirt sells out within a few hours

You snooze, you lose!

That should be the motto for the new Colin Kaepernick t-shirt that was released on Thursday and sold out within a few hours of debuting online, upsetting scores of fans who missed an opportunity to cop some Kaep wear—at least for now.

People react to Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad campaign
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People react to Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad campaign
.@Nike Due to your support of C.K. in your coming adds, I as an American can no longer support your company.…
First the @NFL forces me to choose between my favorite sport and my country. I chose country. Then @Nike forces me…
Our Soundman just cut the Nike swoosh off his socks. Former marine. Get ready @Nike multiply that by the millions.
The Twitter user ArtenenAeolus shared a video, since deleted, of a man burning some Nike products. (ArtenenAeolus/Twitter)
When you find out #nike is supporting #ColinKaepernick #BoycottNike 🔥🔥🔥
When you find out #nike is supporting #ColinKaepernick #BoycottNike 🔥🔥🔥
Nike ran the numbers. They’ll be ok. But please, burn your socks.
Not playing around. #BackTheBlue #BackTheArmedForces #NikeBoycott
I just gave $10 this weekend to a homeless veteran. Instead of burning your Nike gear like a goddamned idiot, donat…
#NikeBoycott meet this #VeteransForKaepernick Retired Navy Chief. I served so that Kap can have his voice and spea…
Waiting for Goodwill to open this week with all the new Nike gear... #ColinKaepernick #nikeboycott
Hey #Nike . I don't wear politics or anything related to #ColinKaepernick I no longer buy 5 to 6 pairs per year of…
.@Nike Due to your support of C.K. in your coming adds, I as an American can no longer support your company.…
Let me guess we‘re boycotting Nike because by them supporting Colin Kaepernick they are somehow “disrespecting the…
Ripping my Nike Air Max to own the libs #BoycottNike
Can't believe Nike would do such a thing. @Nike @Kaepernick7 #fire #JustDoIt #BoycottNike
.@Nike how you going to endorse @Kaepernick7 a person that advertises socks with cops portrayed as pigs, a person t…
@BreitbartNews Burned my #Nike
@TheLastRefuge2 @R_Daneel_0livaw Takin out the trash @Nike #nikeboycott
I just wrote “NIKE” on twenty dollar bills and burned them to own the libs.
wow can’t believe colin kaepernick just became the official spokesperson of brake lines
I'm finally cutting out the Nike logos out of my Nike pillow case!
Breaking: Nike responds to MAGA backlash
them: Gonna burn/throw away my Nike gear because they are unpatriotic Nike:
“This is terrible marketing. Just awful. I’m gonna show everyone how terrible this is. That’ll show Nike.”
Racists: I’m never buying Nike again Nike:
nike brilliantly found a way to get the least stylish people to stop wearing its stuff
oh wow not sure how Nike's going to survive if they lose the 70 year old white man market
When you can’t find a cross
Me, looking to see if anybody burns some Jordans rather the Nike’s they got on the clearance rack
Going one step further and no longer worshiping Nike as my goddess of victory. Will ONLY recognize Victoria, her Ro…
Wow Nike. Not a good look
I actually need a new pair of workout shoes. The choices are dizzying. The #NikeBoycott helps me narrow the decisi…
I Always thought the Air Jordan’s craze was silly. But I will be buying 10 pairs of Those "Air Kaepernick’s" when t…
Whether you agree with Nike doing the Kaepernick ad or not it’s bold and I like it. Wish more big companies took risk to make a statement.

While the shirt doesn’t quite stand out with bold colors or anything, the black long sleeve shirt does bear the former quarterback’s name across the back with some metallic lettering that’s reflective for emphasis. Also, on the shirt is the infamous image of Kaepernick and his signature afro.

The in-demand shirt costs a cool $50 bucks.

It seems Nike is capitalizing on their new brand ambassador after signing the athlete turned activist to their bold, new “Just Do It” campaign, with the slogan: “’Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

According to the Nike website: “The Nike Sportswear T-Shirt displays several Colin Kaepernick logos on a blend of comfortable fabrics.”

“Reflective lettering spells out “Kaepernick” across the back to help you stand out.”

While the rest of us had to wait for the shirt to go on sale to grab one, insiders like Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James was already privy to the info and on Oct. 4 was spotted with the shirt on. Well, Bron is also a part of the Nike family so of course he’d get first dibs.

For the rest of us, the shirt is celebrated because Kaepernick has used his platform to affect change and fight against racism and racial injustice and police brutality.

Still there are haters trying to mock the athlete and the apparel giant for teaming up.

A sheriff in Union County, Arkansas is making suspects put on Nike shirts during their mugshots in an attempt to protest Nike for collaborating with Kaepernick, the Daily Mail reports.

Activist Shaun King posted a photo of 12 inmates wearing Nike shirts to Twitter and Facebook. After receiving widespread backlash Sheriff Ricky Roberts took the photos down.

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