This Burger King location is protesting the chain's latest menu item and refusing to serve it

Every city in America boasts something that uniquely characterizes its being.

New York has its bagels and Finance bros, Los Angeles has its green juices and Instagram influencers and Philadelphia has its Eagles football and its cheesesteaks.

And though it might be a Philly specialty, Burger King is trying to spread the cheesesteak love nationwide by rolling out its newest menu item, the PHILLY CHEESE KING.

But if you thought the Philadelphians were just going to let this fast-food takeover slide like gooey cheese off a properly done cheesesteak, think again.

Watch Philadelphians react to the PHILLY CHEESE KING below:

Even though most Philadelphians approved of Burger King’s version in taste tests, one particular Philadelphia location of the burger chain is straight up refusing to serve it.

The Burger King located at 15 S 8th Street in Philadelphia will not be selling the PHILLY CHEESE KING in honor of the traditional recipe.

Burger King’s version of the classic uses 100 percent flame-grilled beef (a style of grilling the meat that distinguishes it from a traditional Philly cheesesteak) caramelized onions and of course, tons of American cheese.

You can cash in on yours for a cool $5.99 starting October 25 for a limited time — bonus points if you grab your favorite Philadelphian one, too (Go Birds!)

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