These are the 10 big US cities where pay grew the fastest in September

  • The median pay in the 10 biggest US cities increased in September, according to a Glassdoor study.

  • At 3.9% year-over-year, it grew the fastest in San Francisco.

  • Of the top 10, Houston had the slowest growth in pay (1.7%).

Across the US, pay grew by 2.6% on average year-over-year in September. In most of the nation's biggest cities, the median base pay increased by an even larger margin, according to a Glassdoor study.

"Despite a lull in early 2018, pay growth is accelerating amid a healthy job market with no signs of slowing down through the rest of the year," wrote Glassdoor economist Daniel Zhao in the study.

Glassdoor ranked the nation's 10 biggest cities by pay growth. It grew the fastest in San Francisco, but the slowest in Houston.

In order from slowest growth to fastest growth, here's how income changed last month in metros like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We also added the three largest companies in each metro area, according to Fortune.

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