Dunkin' fires workers who poured water on homeless man

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — Dunkin' Donuts has fired workers who poured water on a homeless man in upstate New York and posted the video online.

The company that owns the Dunkin' location says it was "disturbed" by the employees' behavior, which it says "goes against our core values as an organization."

Jeremy Dufresne says he was at the Dunkin' in Syracuse Sunday night to charge his phone to call his mom when one of the workers dumped water on his head.

The worker laughed, and a video of the interaction was posted to Facebook shortly afterward.

According to the Post Standard, Dufrense says the worker likely had "personal problems of his own," and "he took it out on someone else, like me."

Prosecutors say they are considering filing harassment charges against the workers.

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@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV Smart marketing idea because they have changed the menu quite a bit, but I personally HATE it.
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV Not a fan of the name change. I love their pumpkin donuts in the fall!
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV They literally invented the word “Donut”. They should keep it forever.
@AmakaUbakaTV @KrisAndersonTV I prefer Dunkin Donuts. I hate them dropping the Donuts part. It's so stupid and already 30 locations 👎🏻😕

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