Suze Orman believes all women should be 'strong, secure and smart' with their finances


If there's one thing Suze Orman wants all women to know it's that they should never feel guilty for focusing on their financial freedom -- it's their birthright.

The businesswoman and financial guru recently hosted a 'Women and Money' talk at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY, to share pieces of financial wisdom, insight and advice on how to build your wealth -- and the event was nothing short of amazing.

Orman, who is a New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker and expert on all things personal finance, partnered with AVON to rally the sold-out theater full of women and men yearning to learn more about the proper methods to improving their finances.

"Give to yourself as much as you give to others," Orman encouraged.

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The reoccurring theme throughout the discussion was to not allow money to have power over you, rather you have power over the money you have. And according to Orman, the best way to achieve your full financial potential is to "stand in your truth" and accept and acknowledge "internal obstacles" blocking you from financial freedom. Fear, shame and anger were the three biggest obstacles Orman pointed out.

While Orman touched on topics ranging from credit card debt to life insurance, her biggest piece of advice was to surround yourself with like-minded women. "Every women needs a woman who cares about them," she advocated.

Orman's "Women and Money" talk is of a relaunch of her critically-acclaimed book WOMEN & MONEY - BE STRONG, BE SMART, BE SECURE which has been updated and features an entirely new Financial Empowerment Plan and a bonus chapter on investing.

Julie Tierney, one of Avon's highest-grossing sales representatives in the United States, says Orman's book and discussion helps her to inspire her team at the company. "I hear many stories similar to hers, and after listening to her talk, I feel empowered to encourage others to take control of their finances, read her book WOMEN & MONEY," Tierney described.

"Suze Orman At The Apollo: Women and Money" premieres on the OWN Network October 1, at 8 pm EST.