The NFL's highest-paid players for the 2018 season

Because of the way NFL contracts are structured, there is no easy way to define "highest-paid players."

Is the player with the highest salary? Well, most top players get a huge chunk of their money in signing bonuses. Is it the highest average annual salary? Well, that considers the entire deal, and most players never see the end of their contracts. Is it who will be paid the most money this year? That would be biased towards players who signed new contracts this year because so much money is in the signing bonus.

Because of this, we have broken up the players by the highest-paid in different categories. Depending on which criteria you use, the answer to "highest-paid" can be entirely different.

Categories include:

  • The 5 players who will be paid the most in 2018

  • The 5 largest base salaries

  • The 5 largest average-annual salaries

  • The 5 largest salary-cap hits

  • The 5 largest contracts

  • The 5 contracts with the most guaranteed money

Data via Spotrac and other sources.

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