These 12 states are getting hit hardest by Trump’s tariffs

  • The Trump administration’s tariffs on imports have moved other countries to retaliate with tariffs on American exports.

  • California and Texas are among the states that are getting hit the hardest by tariffs from China and other countries.

  • Some states, on the other hand, could benefit from tariffs on goods from China and other countries.

Trade tensions between the U.S. and China, Canada and other countries have brought attention to the products the U.S. imports and exports. But which states are most affected by the tariffs?

California, Texas, Michigan and Illinois have some of the largest ports in the U.S., and they benefit the most from foreign trade. Many other states also have significant exports to other countries. It will be more expensive to export to the countries that tax U.S. goods, so these states will be hit hard.

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California and Texas: Over $3B in Exports

California and Texas each export over $3 billion worth of products that are exposed to tariffs, according to the Census Bureau and research from Citi, Business Insider reported. These products include food, beverages, alcohol, iron, steel, aluminum, consumer goods and more.

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Ohio and Illinois: Over $2B in Exports

Ohio exports about $2.75 billion worth of products — largely iron and steel and consumer goods — that will be impacted by tariffs. Illinois, which produces iron and steel, food, and consumer goods, will face tariffs on just over $2 billion in exports.

8 States With $1B to $2B in Exports

States that export between $1 billion and $2 billion in products that will be subject to tariffs include:

  • Alabama (iron and steel)

  • Michigan (iron and steel)

  • New York (aluminum)

  • North Carolina (consumer goods)

  • Pennsylvania (iron and steel)

  • Tennessee (alcohol, beverages and luxury goods)

  • Washington (food)

  • Wisconsin (consumer goods)

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Red States vs. Blue States

Many of the states that are significantly impacted by the tariffs are “red” states that voted for Trump in 2016. Research from Citi shows that 80 percent of red-state economies benefit at an above-average level from producing the goods that will be targeted by tariffs. Just 10 percent of “blue,” or Democratic, states benefit at a higher-than-average rate from these products.

Here’s what Trump tweeted about what he believes is a concerted effort by China to affect trade:

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Some states could benefit from the tariffs Trump is placing on imports from other countries. Florida, for example, might sell more orange juice, Indiana could sell more steel, and Wisconsin could sell more cranberries if the tariffs on imports cause prices to rise.

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