eBay's 'Retail Revival' is giving small businesses owners a chance to thrive


For many aspiring entrepreneurs, starting a business has been a more seamless process than ever before. And while the internet has provided access to resources and information, major companies like eBay have also highly encouraged the development of small businesses.

With 175 million active buyers around the world, eBay has solidified itself in the world of business. The online marketplace successfully leveraged the power of the internet to create a new type of trade system. Although most may regard eBay as a platform to sell used goods, a surprising 80 percent of all merchandise sold on the site is new. The company's newest initiative, Retail Revival, wants to highlight those merchants. In August, it partnered with small business owners in the city of Akron, Ohio to offer exposure and help transform them into marketing and merchant experts. Through the program, owners have an opportunity to promote their 'unique inventory to a global audience of consumers on the eBay Marketplace.' All while receiving top-notch service and support from some of the online retailer's most innovative minds. The initiative also gives the budding business owners a comprehensive training program that teaches the eBay basics, strategies to best navigate selling online, promotion of their businesses on eBay and across their social channels and a complimentary eBay store subscription.

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Last month, the company invited some of Akron's small business owners to New York city for its retail concept store, The New Stand. Some of the sellers included fashion from 7th Floor Clothing, home and garden accessories from Whiskertin, collectibles and art from Five Blessings and bath and body products from HandKraffted. For shoppers who weren't able to purchase the products from the stand, the items will be online on each respective sellers' eBay store. Additionally, a limited-edition 'Akron in a Box' collection will be available for purchase.

“Our Retail Revival pilot program in Akron, Ohio, has shown the impact online marketplaces and a little bit of training can have in supporting local businesses to grow and thrive in the current retail environment,” said Scott Cutler, eBay’s Senior Vice President, Americas.

With the success of the inaugural class in Akron, eBay has announced it is expanding the program to merchants in Lansing, Michigan.

Cutler added, “We knew we found an ideal partner in Lansing after seeing first-hand its strong community of small businesses, and we’re looking forward to working with these businesses to bring their products to our 175 million buyers around the world."

The company hopes to launch the program in even more cities in the near future.

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