Taco Bell considering nationwide delivery because of 9-year-old girl

It may soon get a lot easier to chow down on Taco Bell thanks to the ingenuity of a 9-year-old girl!

Michigan elementary school student Kinsley Young was tasked with practicing persuasive writing as part of an exercise in her third grade class, and she opted to write a letter to Taco Bell asking them to consider a delivery option after her mom declined to pick up food from the fast-food restaurant for dinner.

“Dear Taco Bell,” Kinsley’s letter began, according to a CBS affiliate in Baltimore. “Today I really wanted Tacos, but my mean mom wouldn’t take me and I’m only nine so I cannot drive.” Ever the persuasive writer, Kinsley didn’t stop there. She then went on to list the reasons why Taco Bell should deliver, such as ”what if somebody just had surgery and cannot drive,” and, “if you’re feeling lazy but really want Nacho Fries.”

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She later, rather bluntly (and presumably correctly) added: “This is a way to make more money.”

Currently, Taco Bell only offers delivery in Omaha, Nebraska, Newport Beach, California, and Indianapolis, Indiana, because the chain has partnered with Grubhub in those areas, but Kinsley’s convincing missive, which her mom later sent to Taco Bell on Facebook, has apparently convinced the home of the Chalupa Supreme to consider nationwide delivery.

In fact, upon learning of Kinsley’s strongly-worded letter, Taco Bell’s corporate office invited her to read it aloud at the Taco Bell convention in Las Vegas, where 400 franchise owners will gather later this month.

“I am a little nervous,” Kinsley admitted to CBS Baltimore, but according to Taco Bell’s president of communications, the elementary school student’s letter only affirmed the need for the company to move forward with plans to provide a more widespread delivery service.

And even though Kinsley hasn’t shared her letter with the higher ups at Taco Bell just yet, the company is actually in the process of rolling out delivery nationwide. Talk about a job well done!