Naomi Osaka is reportedly set to sign Adidas' biggest ever deal with a female athlete -- and it could make her one of the highest-paid women in sports

  • Naomi Osaka could sign the biggest deal Adidas has ever agreed with a female athlete.

  • The deal, believed to be worth $8.5 million, could be announced on Thursday.

  • The new agreement comes hot on the heels of Osaka's straight sets victory over Serena Williams, a match now notorious because of a global fallout.

  • Osaka's new deal with Adidas is said to be a reflection of the 20-year-old's increased fame.

  • And it could even be a sign of things to come, as Osaka is now seen as "a branding sensation."

Naomi Osaka is reportedly set to sign the biggest deal Adidas has ever agreed with a female athlete.

Osaka, a 20-year-old tennis player, just won the 2018 US Open — her first ever Grand Slam title. She defeated 23-time major winner Serena Williams in straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, on Saturday at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, and collected a $3.8 million pay check.

But her new deal with Adidas could dwarf her earnings from tennis, The Times reports.

Osaka is currently on a "six figure" salary with Adidas but the current agreement will expire before the end of the year.

The Times has claimed that a new contract — believed to be worth $8.5 million — will be announced on Thursday. This would be the biggest deal Adidas has agreed with a female athlete, according to Yahoo, who also says it would see the Japanese star rocket up the Forbes list of highest-paid women in sports.

With the new endorsement deal, Osaka could become the second highest-paid woman, above fellow tennis player Caroline Wozniacki but one rung below Williams.

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Osaka's new-found fame

Osaka has been thrust into the global spotlight because of the nature of her victory over Williams, who was given three code violations during the US Open final match. The first violation was for coaching, which Williams argued against. "I don't cheat to win — I'd rather lose," she said. Williams was later given a violation for smashing her racket, costing her a point. Her third violation, for calling the umpire Carlos Ramos a "thief," cost her a game.

Williams has since been lampooned by an Australian newspaper cartoonist, bringing even more notoriety to the match.

The massive Adidas renewal could be a reflection of Osaka's increased standing in the sport, and around the world, Yahoo reports.

The Adidas deal could be a sign of things to come for Osaka, as the New York Post believes another endorsement, potentially with a car manufacturer, could also be on the horizon. The publication says Osaka is likely to become "a branding sensation."

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