JetBlue Vacations is offering free classes at five NYC fitness studios -- Here's how to cash in


With summer (moment of silence) having sadly come to an end, motivation for sweat-inducing workouts and sweat-relieving beach getaways can begin to dwindle and eventually subside by the time Pumpkin Spice Everything season rolls around.

For New Yorkers (who are known to be, shall we say, rather competitive) the efforts towards perfecting that #SummerBod goes straight back into work and focusing on the 9-6 grind as weekends in the Hamptons begin to feel like a distant memory.

The cold weather can have New York City residents daydreaming of warmer, more exotic pastures — And JetBlue Vacations is helping bring those dreams to (a very tangible) life.

This fall, alongside Bermuda Tourism Authority, JetBlue Vacations is teaming up with cult-following fitness membership service ClassPass to offer BermudaJet/Set, curated and specific classes inspired by the Bermudian landscape and the adventures that one might find upon exploring the island.

The limited edition classes will be offered through September 9th, with high-profile studios offering classes tied to a Bermudian adventure, such as Stand-up Paddleboarding (SurfSet NYC), Coastal Cliff Rock Climbing (Brooklyn Boulders) and Bermuda Triple Challenge (Switch Playground).

Oh and the best part? Classes are completely complimentary (offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

Yep — they’re completely free. Consider that your reward for getting your (still sun-kissed) butt to the gym and not running away to some island off some coast somewhere.

For a full list of classes and participating studios, visit here.