Here's the one piece of career advice Mario Lopez would give his 16-year-old self


There’s something about an old-school box of cereal that enlightens the best sense of nostalgia within all of us.

Whether you’re struck with memories of waking up as a child on a Saturday with your only worries being deciding which cartoon to watch next (sign us up) or simply miss the days when social media didn’t make you feel shame for not following a sugar/dairy/gluten/fat-free diet, a colorful cereal is all it takes to bring us back to those moments of simplicity and pure fun.

It's out of love for the sugary, colorful and poppy feel of the '90s that Carl’s Jr. and Hardees have teamed up with Kellogg's to release their latest item: Froot Loops Mini Donuts.

Yes, they’re exactly what they sound like and they’re as colorful and delectable as you’d imagine -- and you can get them at Carl's Jr. and Hardees locations nationwide.

Celebrities and consumers alike are taking it to social media to participate in the #NotMilk campaign -- a play on the popular #GotMilk campaign of the '90s and beyond -- by posting a photo alongside the hashtag of their Froot Loops Mini Donuts-given mustache on social media:

One of the donuts’ biggest fans is Mario Lopez, professional sweet-toother who knows a thing or two about the ‘90s:

“Froot Loops Mini Donuts are a fun little breakfast treat for the kids — everybody had Froot Loops growing up and I love the ‘90s nostalgia, I’m all about it. And [the donuts] are cheap, they’re only $1.99 … the kids love it and I like it too … I have a sweet tooth and now after being injured, I’ve got a real big sweet tooth!”

Lopez, who’s keen on finding “balance in all areas” of his life, developed his love of sweets from a young age:

“We had everything that Dad brought home … my dad himself has a huge sweet tooth so there was always a lot of chocolate and sweets in the house.”

But it wasn’t just through food that Lopez relied on his parents’ influence through the ‘90s:

“I feel very blessed — I’ve always been lucky with a good support system, my mom and dad are still very much together and my family is very supportive — they kept me very grounded and they continue to do so … I owe it all to that because they didn’t allow me to step out of line.”

Lopez knows that success and hard work only come to those who let themselves let loose when they need to — one box of mini donuts is deserved (in fact, necessary) every once in a while:

“With working hard and working out and even having fun — it’s important to take a timeout, it’s good for your stress levels. Stress can do a number on your body and health … don’t feel guilty about [having fun] because there’s health benefits and its good for you.”

It’s been this work hard, play hard mentality and openness to growth that have made Lopez the entertainment icon that he is today — and if he could go back in time to the days of Froot Loops-eating Mario, he’d have one solid piece of advice to serve:

“1990 Mario was in high school and he needed to chill out a lot! I would tell him to slow down … when you’re younger your priorities are different. My priorities are a lot different now that I’m married with kids, with my family, work. I try to work hard … I’ve always had a strong work ethic but I also like to have a lot of fun … maybe just not be so stressed and pump the brakes a little bit and stray the course — young Mario could’ve benefitted from that.”

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