Demi Lovato is selling the $8 million mansion where she reportedly OD'd

Demi Lovato is making changes in her life.

While the “Sober” singer, 26, continues treatment after her apparent drug overdose, she’s cleaning house in a big way, starting with, well, her actual home. She has put the L.A. mansion that she was rushed to the hospital from — after reportedly freebasing fentanyl-laced Oxycodone and losing consciousness — on the market. The Hollywood hills abode, which she purchased for $8.3 million in September 2016, is up for sale for $9.495 million. According to the listing, the 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom house, which was built in 1979, is “located at the end of a quiet road above Chateau Marmont” and has “unobstructed views from Downtown to the Pacific Ocean on over an acre of land.”

What isn’t noted, of course, is that the Hollywood hills home is the scene of Lovato’s near-death overdose, from which she was revived from with Narcan. She spent approximately two weeks in the hospital recovering, before heading off for what will be an extensive, in-patient drug treatment facility stay.

Demi Lovato is unloading her Hollywood Hills home while she’s in rehab. (Photo: Zillow/Getty Images)
Demi Lovato is unloading her Hollywood Hills home while she’s in rehab. (Photo: Zillow/Getty Images)

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that Lovato’s alleged drug dealer, Brandon Johnson, will not be investigated or arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department for his role in her overdose, according to a TMZ report. Johnson told the website that Lovato contacted him at 4 a.m. on July 24 asking him to come to her house, and claimed that she knew that the “aftermarket” pills that they freebased were risky. (Lovato has not spoken out about that night. This Instagram post has been her only statement.)

After leaving the hospital, Lovato has been getting treatment on the East Coast, including a stay in a Chicago facility to work with an addiction expert. Lovato pulled the plug on her Tell Me You Love Me tour, which was headed to six cities across South America this fall.

The house Lovato is unloading isn’t a place with all warm fuzzy memories. She bought it in September 2016 — just barely two years ago — but before she moved in, a mudslide from a neighbor’s home above hers nearly destroyed it, and it was deemed it unfit for occupancy. While that was resolved and Lovato did move in, she later said that having photos of the house on TV and websites during the mudslide story led to someone trying to break in a few months later that same year. “They had a ladder and climbed to the second floor,” Lovato told Billboard in March. “My house manager was staying here, and the dogs started barking. She opened the door and saw a man on my balcony, and he ran. My dogs saved the day.” (The Billboard reporter noted that the house, which also has a recording studio “and the kind of fabulous pool you’d see on The Bachelor ” — felt like “Noah’s Ark for a pop star, with personal assistants, security guards, and house cleaners passing through two by two.”)

In addition to an address change, there are other changes coming for Lovato in her new, post-rehab world. According to reports, she’s in contact with only a handful of people during treatment. (Not even her ex Wilmer Valderrama, who visited her several times in the hospital, has spoken to her.) And changes are being made to her life and team that will be in place when she gets out. But lots of love awaits her when she does. Her old friend Selena Gomez said in a new interview with Elle that she reached out to Lovato privately in the days following her overdose. “I … I love her,” Gomez said, getting choked up.

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