These are the hardest-working states in America

New research from WalletHub shows that Alaska is the “hardest-working” state in America this year, with a “total score” of 68.54 out of 100.

WalletHub took a look at all 50 states in terms of “Indirect Work Factors” and “Direct Work Factors,” before breaking them down further in terms of 10 more and eventually giving state a score out of 100. The company used information from the U.S. Census Bureau, among many other sources.

The Top 10 “hardest-working states” in America

Did your state make the cut?

1) Alaska: total score of 68.54

2) North Dakota: total score of 66.19

3) Wyoming: total score of 61.73

4) South Dakota: total score of 61.41

5) Nebraska: total score of 60.97

6) New Hampshire: total score of 58.03

7) Texas: total score of 57.34

8) Colorado: total score of 54.98

9) Virginia: total score of 54.62

10) Kansas: total score of 53.97

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Michigan came in last place (#50) with a total score of 28.94.

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How the states compare to each other

Some states are stronger than others in certain respects, according to the infographic:

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