Advertising insider reveals 5 tips for creatives looking to break into the industry


Companies around the world spend millions on advertising campaigns each year to reach new audiences and reel in consumers -- and these brands are willing to spend big bucks to sign the industries top creatives to bring the campaigns to life.

The industry is ever-changing with new technology, making advertising one of the hardest industries to break into. A fact that Ben Yabsley knows well. The Australian DJ and copywriter found success in New York City working on ad campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Yabsley and his creative partner, art director Rob Concepcion, have teamed up to produce visual campaigns for Budweiser, Converse, YouTube Music and many more over the past eight years.

The industry insider offered his top five tips for creatives trying to break into the industry:

Yabsley also told AOL Finance there are a few characteristics and skills every person in advertising must have.

He stressed the need for tenacity, noting that "you need to push past the obvious ideas that come easily at the beginning and keep going when it makes you want to pull your hair out. That’s when you come up with the interesting work. And you won’t get better as a creative until you learn to push yourself into the uncomfortable zone."

Key skills Yabsley believes are necessary to succeed are presenting and strategizing. "You don’t really have an idea until you can explain it," he said. Strategy comes into play throughout the idea-generating process, but particularly at the start when a writer is presented with a brief -- the agreement between the agency and the client over what the piece of communication you’re about to make needs to achieve.

"A good brief should inspire you by pointing you in the right direction and setting your boundaries -- so dig deep into it and understand it as best as you can, and if you disagree with the strategy then say something earlier rather than later," Yabsley said.