10 pieces to pack if you're planning a trip within your trip under $50


From cross-country road trips to intercontinental excursions, it’s not out of the ordinary to plan a trip within your trip.

Even if you’re only headed a few hours away from your main destination, planning a getaway while on a getaway can put you in a completely different climate and temperature.

And while we all wish we could bring unlimited luggage everywhere we go, sadly, we cannot.

The key to going on a vacation that will have you moving from one place to the next is to bring items that can be easily layered and easily transitioned as the weather changes with you.

Flowy pants, jumpsuits, cardigans, scarves — our top picks are flown, easy to pack and sit right in the middle of which season they’d qualify best for.

Here are 10 items you should pack on a trip where you’ll be traveling with in that trip, all for under $50: