The cost of dying in all 50 states

It’s not something most people like to think about, but funeral costs can add up fast. One of the biggest factors impacting funeral expenses — and the cost of dying in general — is the state where the death certificate is issued.

The average out-of-pocket expenditures toward end of life necessities is $11,618, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. On top of that, the National Funeral Director’s Association cites the median out-of-pocket funeral expenses — including viewing and cremation costs — at $6,078.

Just like in life, the cost of dying varies depending on the relative cost of living in each state. We calculated the average funeral expenses and end of life medical care in each state by multiplying the national averages for those services by the cost of living index in each state. We also considered the 2017 inheritance tax and estate tax data for each state from the Tax Foundation.

Here's a glimpse of the cost of dying in your state, so you can talk about the uncomfortable subject before it's too late.

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