The Croc-pocalypse may be upon us and people have mixed feelings about it

First MoviePass, and now Crocs? Nothing is sacred.

In a press release, Crocs Inc. announced that it will be closing all of its remaining manufacturing facilities. Additionally, its executive vice president and chief financial officer, Carrie Teffner, will leave on April 1, 2019.

The company has already started wrapping things up in one of its facilities in Mexico, and they plan on shutting down the remaining in Italy. At the moment, there are no plans to create a new site for production. Though the company said they "aren't going anywhere," they did not explain where and how its shoes would be manufactured.

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Where are people going to get their Croc Heels? How will models work the runway without Balenciaga's Croc Platforms? Who knows, but today is a sad day indeed for fashion, and the people who unironically love Crocs. 

Croc stans took to Twitter to express their outrage, betrayal, and sadness about the Croc-pocalypse.

On the other hand, Twitter users were happy and relived that this shoe may finally meet its end.

Other users are planning to take advantage and stock up on this possibly soon-to-be limited resource.

Twitter reactions to Crocs closing
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Twitter reactions to Crocs closing
Crocs are the Mcdonalds of the shoe world. How could we just let this happen.
???????? I’m literally wearing crocs rn this is disrespectful
crocs is closing all their stores and i couldn’t be more upset
I am heartbroken that crocs is closing
Brb gonna go buy some more crocs while they’re on clearance
And the medical industry wept. They were the only people who wore crocs....and kids.
I request all sparkly crocs are sent my way please and thank u
@campoole8 No more crocs. The best thing I’ve heard all week
"Crocs to close remaining manufacturing facilities" Peace out to the ugliest shoes ever!
Fuck crocs I’m happy they’re shutting down THERE I SAID IT
@CBSNews I bought crocs, wore them in public a few times one summer, they were comfortable, but not worth the embar…
Brb gonna go buy some more crocs while they’re on clearance
@Uh_Nooj Crocs are gonna be more valuable than yeezys in a few years mark my words
@taylormarie8900 @im__emilee you buy all the crocs you need now because Girls they are going to shut down and there…
@CBSNews @kaitlynbristowe @Arielle @stylelvr you guys better stock up on your crocs with socks while you still can

RIP Crocs. May your ugly legacy live on.

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