Tim Cook is worth $625 million and leads a $1 trillion company -- but he reportedly buys discounted underwear and wants to give his money away after paying for his nephew’s tuition

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook's net worth is estimated to be $625.37 million.

  • That's mostly from Apple stock options.

  • But the native Alabaman doesn't live very lavishly.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, 57, is at the helm of the only company in the world that's worth $1 trillion.

But he actually is a lot less wealthy than leaders of other, less revenue-generating corporations. He's worth "only" $625 million, while folks like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Larry Page are worth tens of billions.

Cook, who is the son of a shipyard worker and a pharmacy employee, said he's not motivated by money — and that shows through in what we know about the private CEO's habits.

Here's how Cook made his millions and what he does with them:

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