Millennial to Millionaire: How one woman turned her passion into a popular beauty business


Many entrepreneurs get their start later in life -- but some are inspired earlier, and their dream businesses take off.

AOL's newest video series Millennial to Millionaire explores young businessmen and women who have found the key to making their passion profitable.

In the first episode, viewers meet Charlotte Cho, 32, who started Soko Glam with her husband in 2012 with a dream to introduce Korean beauty products to the American market.

Cho, a Korean-American who grew up in Southern California, had her lightbulb moment whilst working in Seoul after college. Her love of Korean beauty routines and products inspired her to share them.

While she admits there are many doubts when starting a new business, her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs -- Just go for it!

Learn more about Soko Glam above, during this episode of Millennial to Millionaire.