7 insider facts about Panera Bread that employees know and most customers don't

  • Panera Bread employees know all about how things are run at the popular fast-food chain.

  • A number of current and former employees have posted about their experiences on social media.

  • Here are some insider facts, tips, and hacks that Panera Bread employees have shared online.

Panera Bread store employees know all about what it takes to run the popular casual chain of restaurants.

According to the company's website, Panera Bread now boasts "2,000 bakery-cafés" and employs around 100,000 associates. Some Panera Bread employees work at corporate-run stores, while others work for franchisees.

Either way, all of these employees glean valuable insight into their store's inner-workings.

Here are a few things all Panera Bread employees know:

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