Molly Sims teams up with Hyatt and Chase to talk all things wellness on the road -- from milk packets to the workout App she can't get enough of


The best reward that comes from taking care of your physical and mental health is in the way that you feel — practicing wellness is all about practicing self-care and being the best version of yourself that you can be.

But, then again, would it hurt to actually be tangibly rewarded for being your best, healthy self (instead of just feeling good on the inside?)

Molly Sims certainly doesn’t think so, and she’s teaming up with Chase and Hyatt on behalf of the new World of Hyatt Credit Card to help customers around the world do just that.

The new card is specifically designed to encourage travelers to stay focused on health and wellness while on the road.

Sims gave us the gist of what the new card does when we met up with her in New York last week:

“It’s basically the first card of its kind to honor fitness … it’s basically promoting healthy lifestyle, healthy traveling and it's good because when you're someone like me who is constantly on-the-go, [you] do want to have healthy places around (because it's so important), and be rewarded for it … Chase was my very first credit card all those moons ago!

It definitley rewards you for being healthy and as I said before, traveling is very difficult because you can binge, you can fall off the wagon and to try to promote that healthy lifestyle is important.”

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers a new bonus points category which features double the amount of bonus points on fitness club and gym memberships and four bonus points per $1 spent at Hyatt hotels and resorts (including participating restaurants and spas, both of which aim to promote wellness in the name of smart dietary choices and relaxation.)

But Sims knows that not every trip offers easy accessibility to restaurants with healthy choices or hotels with fully-equipped gyms and wellness centers, which is why she goes into her getaways stacked and packed with healthy go-to’s:

“I try to pack almond butter packets, I pack protein powder — at least if I pack it and I only do it half the time, at least it’s there because you’re never going to [eat healthy] the whole time. I also downloaded 'Tone it Up’ … and I’ll do the Body by Simone or do Tracey Anderson, I try to stay consistent.”

She’s also a fan of packing COOLA sunscreen, makeup wipes and milk packets — consistency and accessibility being her key necessities when choosing what to pack while traveling, advising to “pack in compartments — that makes a huge difference.”

But Sims' biggest advice for staying on track while traveling is quite the opposite of what most people instinctively think they have to do while on vacation:

“Don’t not eat [a lot]! I think that’s the biggest thing — you end up binging on a trip because you drink all day and then you just go for it… I’m going to say the opposite of what we all naturally do, but eat more throughout the day so that you don’t binge … have a little fat, have almond butter or a shake — don’t have a lot of fruit, it’s all sugar … [eat] things that satiate you so that you’re not starving.”

These tried and true methods will definitley hold true as Sims embarks on her next big excursion:

“The last big trip I took was to Cabo. I’m about to go to [Lake] Como in Italy -- we’re staying at the Park Hyatt in Milan and then we’re going on to stay in Como. I’m so excited! And then we’re going to travel to St. Tropez for a few days to visit a couple friends of ours … no kids!”